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Ants DVD Player 1.0

Ants DVD Player - Play most popular media formats : dvd, video, audio, mp4, mp3, cd, flash, etc. Ants DVD

Last update; 4 July 2010:

Ants DVD Player - Play most popular media formats : dvd, video, audio, mp4, mp3, cd, flash, etc. Ants DVD Player is a free while high-quality DVD movie playing program. It s designed for Windows system including 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Win 7. It can play all kinds of DVD Disc with powerful features and impressive vision quality.

Comparing with many other DVD Players available on the market, Ants DVD Player has many new features like low CPU usage, Vista optimizing, D3D technology, multi-thread reading, digital audio amplifier, playing area zoom, image capturing, learning mode, etc. Ants DVD Player needs Sound Card, DVD-ROM, Windows 2000 or higher, DirectX 9.0 or higher.

Ants DVD Player is a freeware. You need t pay for it to access the full features.

DVD Player
Play different kinds of DVD Movie disc with powerful features.

High level decoder
Ants DVD Player uses a unique decoder developed by AntsDVD company with high criteria, which guarantees the software s high quality when playing.

Multi-thread technology
Ants DVD Player uses multi threads for different purposes including reading, optimizing and playing.

Direct3D Technology
Ants DVD Player uses the new technology Direct3D. Direct3D is part of Microsoft s DirectX API. Direct3D is only available for Microsoft s various Windows operating systems.

Karaoke DVD Supported
Ants DVD Player can also play a Karaoke DVD disc.

Magic zoom
With magic zoom, you may pick an area on the playing window, then playing the area in magic zoom area for different purposes in real time, for example, you may compress or enlarge a playing area.

Learning mode
With learning mode, you may use the player to play a learning course DVD disc, you can set A/B points, then repeat the playing procedure between the two points. You may also repeat a chapter or a title. You may even set repeating settings including time length and repeating times.

You may create and manage bookmarks when playing. In the next time playing, you need only click a bookmark to start playing from the point you set. You can create as many bookmarks as you like. You can delete a bookmark from the floating control panel.

Aspect ratio
Ants DVD Player supports different aspect ratios for different purposes including stretch to fit the screen, 4:3, 16:9, Pan/Scan 2.25:1, Pan/Scan 1.85:1. The aspect ratio Pan/Scan 2.25:1 and Pan/Scan 1.85:1 is for outputing to a projector.

Capture image
When playing a DVD movie, you may capture an image as you like by click the [capture] button or press a hot key you set in the options dialog. All images captured can be managed in floating control panel, and saved under the folder "AntsDVD\Snapshot".

Secondary subtitle
Ants DVD Player allows you showing up to 2 different subtitles. This feature is very useful for learning a language. For example, if you want to learn Chinese language, you may set the primary language as "Chinese", and set the secondary language as "English", then there will be two subtitles displayed on the playing screen, one is "Chinese", the other is "English". If you want to close all subtitles, you need only set both primary and the secondary subtitles to "off".

Audio amplify
Ants DVD Player has a built-in digital audio amplifier. Sometimes if the largest sound volume of your computer is still too low to hear, you may set the "Audio Amplify" to a larger value from the list: 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%. This feature is very useful to some laptop computers.

Floating panel
Ants DVD Player has a built-in floating panel window, from there you can manage or create bookmarks, capture and manage images.

Options dialog
In the options dialog, you may configure settings according to your habits. You may select your favorite skins, your mother language, etc. You may adjust the best video settings you like including brightness, contrastness, hue, saturation. And you may also set you own hot keys.

Shortcut keys
For many repeating used operations, you may preset your own hot keys as you like.

Bind or unbind the control panel
As you like, you may bind the control panel with the playing window, you may also unbind it as a seperate window.

Small file size
Ants DVD Player is very small, only several MB, it will not take many of your valued hard disk space.

Support Operating Systems:
Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, WinXP, Win98, WinMe, Windows NT, Windows Server.

Ants DVD Player 1.0
Category: Audio-Video - Video-Players-Editors
Publisher: Publisher
OS: Windows
Size: 7.7 MB
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