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BitKinex FTP Client 3.2.2

BitKinex is a handy network client supporting multiple transfer protocols (FTP, FTP(S), SFTP, HTTP(S) and WebDAV). In contrast to other

Last update; 4 July 2010:

BitKinex is a handy network client supporting multiple transfer protocols (FTP, FTP(S), SFTP, HTTP(S) and WebDAV). In contrast to other clients BitKinex uses multiple connections not only for file transfers but for browsing remote directories as well. With just one click you can minimize the space occupied by the program to one small window showing the status of running requests, and with just a few clicks you can see all the details again.

  • default encoding for WebDAV set to UTF-8
  • support for long (3 byte) UTF-8 characters (for Asian languages)
  • resolution of symbolic links on FTP servers fixed
  • added tooltips for important configuration dialogs and wizards
  • third party libraries upgraded

Why BitKinex will make your life easier

Site Navigation Without Freezing Windows
Unique technology of advanced directory caching and multi connection/threaded directory scanning makes the non-blocking browse windows possible.

Robust User Request Handling
Resume and control in detail not only file transfers but all user requests - including file removals, moves, directory creations, remote edits, prints, etc.

Indirect Transfers
Allows users to transfer files from one server to another regardless of which protocol they are running (FTP->SFTP, WebDAV->FTPS, HTTP->FTP, etc.)

Smart Messenger-like User Interface
Does not occupy much space on your desktop.

Properties Inheritance
For easy and flexible configuration.

Large Number of Supported Protocols

Request Processing

  • All Requests Resumable by Default
  • Parallel Request Processing
  • Indirect Transfers Supported for All Implemented Protocols
  • Direct Server-to-Server (FXP) Transfers
  • Multiple Connections Automatically Used for All Requests
  • Multi-Part Trasnfers
  • Filtered Requests
  • Scheduled Requests
  • Extended Versions of All Requests
  • Request History
  • Stop, Pause or Restart Requests
  • Skip, Pause or Resume Particular Files or Directories
  • Auto-detect Transfer Type (ASCII / Binary)
  • Auto-detect FTP Transfer Mode (PASV / PORT)
  • Preserve File Update Times
  • Adjustable Paramaters of Running Requests
  • Automatic Exit, Suspend and Shutdown upon Request Completion
  • "Remote Edit", "Find Files" and "Replace in Files" Support
  • Change File Properties (CHMOD) Support (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, local)
  • Windows/Unix New-Line Convertors
  • Uppercase/Lowercase Convertors
  • File/Directory Comparisons
  • File Name Conversions
  • Overwrite Rules
  • Custom Request Names
  • Command Line Interface Allowing to Start Requests of All Types
  • Custom FTP commands
  • WebDAV File Locking
  • Recursive CHMOD
  • Resolving of Symbolic Link
  • HTML Parsing (Server Content Retrieval)

Connection and Data Source Management

  • Support for FTP, HTTP SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 Proxy Servers
  • Auto-detect Windows Proxy Settings
  • Step-by-Step Connection Wizard
  • Quick Connect Dialog
  • Blowfish-Encrypted Data Source Repository
  • Import Sites from other FTP Clients
  • Export Data Sources (in BitKinex or Text Format)
  • Unlimited Number of Opened Connections
  • Bandwidth Throttle
  • Network Traffic Monitor
  • FTP Port Range Limiter
  • Support for Unicode-Compatible Sites (UTF8)
  • Connection Keep-Alive
  • Separate Tab for Favorite Data Sources
  • Automatic On-Demand Connect
  • Automatic and Manual Disconnect

User Interface

  • Messenger-like Program Control
  • Site Navigation Without Freezing Windows
  • Properties Inheritance
  • Configuration Wizards
  • Fully Customizable Look of all Windows
  • "Always on Top" Support
  • "Find in Window" Support
  • Unlimited Number of Simultaneously Opened Browse Windows
  • Support for Multiple Connections/Threads in a Single Browse Window
  • Content of Two Data Sources Optionally Displayed in a Single Window
  • File Filtering in Browse Windows
  • Fully customizable Date/Time Formats
  • File Sorting on Name, Type, Size, Update Time, etc.
  • Directory Bookmarks
  • Support for Default Directories
  • Windows Explorer Integration
  • Internet Explorer Integration
  • Startup Tips
  • Keyboard Accelerators
  • Drag-and-Drop and Clipboard Operations
  • High-Color Menu and Toolbar Icons
  • Minimize To System Tray Support
  • Synchronized Browsing
  • Transparent Windows
  • Background Images
  • Sound Alerts


  • Blowfish Encrypted Site Passwords
  • Built-in Certificate Manager
  • Root CA Store
  • Easily Manageble List of Trusted Certificates and Public Keys
  • Implicit FTP SSL Support (port 990)
  • Explicit FTP SSL, TLS Support (AUTH command)
  • HTTP SSL Support (port 443)
  • HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication
  • SFTP over SSH2
  • SSH2 Password and Public Key Authentication
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OS: Windows
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