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Smereka 0.9.13 beta

Extensible personal freeform database and personal information manager. What is Smereka? Smereka is a program that allows you to organize

Last update; 26 May 2009:

Extensible personal freeform database and personal information manager.

What is Smereka?
Smereka is a program that allows you to organize your data in an hierarchical, searchable database that is stored in a single file.

What is Smereka needed for?
Long-time users of personal computers accumulate a lot of various data. File system is a flexible and universal means of data storage. However, storing information in many separate files is not always a good idea.

If you have a lot of text notes, saved webpages or random files, organizing and navigating them can be difficult. Performing search over those pieces is possible only when you have special search services installed and activated on your computer. Not all of them support tags (text labels which are used by blog-services for organizing posts.)

In case you need to share some of your files with someone else, the recipient won t be able to use your search facility easily, even if it s installed on your machine. You will have to send one monolythic archive, which is almost totally unsearchable, and describe its contents independently in a the letter body.

Moreover, if you work with texts often and use "Word" to type and store your ideas, articles, snippets from the Internet or important emails, then you know how cumbersome it is to launch massive "Office" software to view a couple of paragraphs of text.


  • unlimited, freeform, ordered hierarchical organization of your information items (in a tree);
  • instant, single-click item viewing and editing;
  • item labels can have different colors and formatting;
  • items may be assigned arbitrary icons in the item tree (free icons included);
  • tree view shows item modification date and item type, in addition to icon and label;
  • revisions of items can be saved to preserve entire history of edits; reverting to any prior revision is possible;
  • reversible delete and undelete of items (recycle bin);
  • single-click preview of revisions and deleted items;
  • transparent indexing and instant fulltext search (across all data types including file attachments):
  • intelligent import of disk files and folders;
  • export item/branch to files; export item/branch to a new database;
  • drag-and-drop item operations (copy and move of items and branches using your mouse) - on single or multiple selection of any size or depth;
  • clipboard item operations (cut/copy/paste within a database or between databases - preserving tags, revisions, icons etc);
  • easy items importing from other programs - no window swtiching required;
  • you can edit multiple items at once; when you re done, review and save the modified items in a single window;
  • single-file data storage for database portability;
  • data type plugin interface for adding new data types;
  • importer and exporter plugin interfaces for defining new import and export operations;
  • user data backup and automatic error reporting;
  • compressed data storage yielding small database files;
  • fast operations regardless of the database size;
  • SQLite database format widely supported by third-party database management tools;
  • periodic update checks;
  • detailed user manual;
  • mainstream, user-friendly Windows interface
Smereka 0.9.13 beta
Category: Organize - Database-Management
Publisher: Publisher
OS: Windows
Size: 2.86 MB
View: 8,544 view
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