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Ad-Aware 2007 Free

Ad-Aware 2007 Free remains the most popular anti-spyware product for computer users around the world, with nearly one million downloads

Last update; 11 August 2007:

Ad-Aware 2007 Free remains the most popular anti-spyware product for computer users around the world, with nearly one million downloads every week. Our free anti-spyware version provides you with advanced protection against spyware that secretly attaches and takes control of your computer, resulting in aggressive advertising pop-ups, sluggish computer activity, even identity theft through stolen bank details, passwords, and credit card account numbers. If you want real-time scanning capabilities, consider upgrading to Ad-Aware 2007 Plus for real-time protection against spyware, all the time! Ad-Aware 2007 Free is available for personal home use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

What s New in Ad-Aware 2007 Free?

  • Redesigned Engine – Benefit from superior program flexibility and more accurate scanning methods with all-new program architecture.
  • Improved Code Sequence Identification (CSI) Technology – Boost your privacy protection with precise detection of embedded malware, including known and emerging threats.
  • Incremental Definition File Updates – Save precious time and resources with smaller update files resulting in faster download times.
  • TrackSweep - Control privacy by erasing tracks left behind while surfing the Web on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, with one easy click.
  • Multiple Browser Support – Choose Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera with expanded browser support.
  • New Straightforward User Interface – Effortlessly maneuver the complexities of malware detection and removal with our new user-friendly interface.
  • Ad-Aware 2007 Free
    Category: Utilities - Antivirus
    Publisher: Publisher
    OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
    Size: 17.33 MB
    View: 17,620 view
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